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Новини / Hi-tech

08 Февруари 07, 20:29 / Автор: CELERATOR
Huge SE porfolio for 2007

alkman phones

  • Melinda (more in second photo) (more) (more)
    Could be named W200. Based on K310. An ultra low end phone. Similar to the W300 in candybar. Right side has volume buttons, Walkman button and camera button. Left side has the play/pause button. Memory expansion.
    Announced on the 7th of January, 2007

  • Mid range slider
    Mid range slider with 176x220 screen and 3G plus EDGE. 2 megapixel camera. Competitor to the Nokia 5300. Will be released by the end of the first quarter. May just be a Walkman version of the K610.
  • European W42S
    To be named W880. A Walkman slider phone with 3G and a 1.3 megapixel camera.
    The W880 is confirmed as the Ai, SE never releases phones worldwide, and this phone has no place in the portfolio (W850 is the 3G slider, the W610 is the lower-mid range 3G slider).

  • Na (more)
    Could be named W770, or could be W610. Walkman version of the K770. Will have a 2 megapixel camera with auto-focus like the K770. The only difference is firmware, i.e. Walkman v2.0 player. The W770/W610 could have no AF, but instead have 3G.
    Announced on the 6th of February, 2007

  • Ai (more) (more) (more) (more)
    Could be named W880; W888 is the Chinese variant. Ultra slim (9.4mm) candybar phone. Similar features to the W850, but only a 1.9 inch QVGA screen. Metal on front, rubberized black material on back. Connector on the side. Keys like the K770 or 8850. Available on the market in Silver and Black 3G and HSDPA. Will come out with a 1GB M2 Micro Memory Stick. Black version may have silver keys and a black back; the orange keys and back were older prototypes.(more specs)
    Previewed on the 7th of January, 2007 | Announced on the 6th of February, 2007.
  • W880 successor
    Could be named W890. W880 with FM radio and other minor improvements. To be released in 7-8 months (as of Feb 2007).
  • W825
    A W810 successor. Could have similar specs to the K800 (QVGA screen etc.), but purely speculative.
  • W910
    High end flip phone. Very similar spec wise to the recent Japanese SO903i. May have UIQ. Silver and stylish. Will come in green. Special music dial. Long battery life. Stereo speakers.
  • Maria
    W950 successor with a camera (probably 3.2 megapixel like Elena). Will be similar to Elena, i.e. M600/W950. May use new UI. Should be out by the end of 2007.

Cyber-shot phones

  • Li (more) (more) (more) (more) (K550im)
    Could be named K770 or K550? Next low end Cyber-shot. 2 megapixel camera with auto-focus, two LEDs for flash. Has a 176x220 screen. Competitor to the 6233. Does not have 3G. Available in black and white. Will have an i-mode variant called K550im. Dimensions of 102x46x14mm. May be released by the 23 of February at approximately £230.
    Announced on the 6th of February, 2007

  • K810
    Cyber-shot, 14mm 17mm thick candybar phone. 3.2 megapixel camera. QVGA video recording (30fps maybe; mixed reports). May be for Asian or European market.
    Announced on the 6th of February, 2007

  • Irina
    Could be named Z810. A K810 but in a different form factor; improved specs include HSDPA and 2.2 inch screen. Launched in approximately 53 days (as of the 6th of Jan). True successor to the Z800. May also be SO903i variant. Slim design.
  • Sofia
    The K800 successor and could be named K850. 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash and QVGA recording. Not entirely like the N95 in terms of technology, but more mass market. Same size as the K610 with a metal based body and metallic keys (thicker than that of the Ai/Na/Li). 2.2 inch scratch resistant screen. EDGE and UTMS. Will be out by Q2, maybe even Q1 to not let the N95 have too much of a head start. This may have the new UI or may even be the UIQ phone.
  • W900 re-release
    A re-release of the W900; "special edition". Re-release due to changes in video capabilities. This could mean that the W900 re-release could be either Cyber-shot (first impression), Handycam or even BRAVIA branded. This could also be the Ophira; cancelled prototype destined to be Cyber-shot 3.2 megapixel brother to the W900.
  • S..... (1)
    This will have a 5 megapixel camera like the Sofia. This describes a phone similar to the Sofia, but with small differences, i.e. K790/K800. Lack of 3G but with EDGE etc.
  • S..... (2)
    This will have a 3.2 megapixel camera. May be describing the W900 re-release.
  • Elena
    See below in Smartphones.
  • UIQ 5MP Cybershot
    5MP Cybershot phone with UIQ. Could be Sofia.

/Cyber-shot phones

  • High end slider
    Could be combination of the K800 and W850 in a slider. May be referring to the W900 re-release. Cyber-shot branded 3.2 megapixel camera with xenon flash. Slimmer than W810, new type of touch sensitive buttons, metal body and black.
    Was confused with the infamous 'SE Chocolate'.

Handycam phones

  • Handycam phone
    High end slider with a twist. May not be Handycam branded, could be Cyber-shot branded instead. Good video recording capabilities. Might be based on M600 (so it may be a smartphone). This could be the W900 re-release as well due to the emphasis on improved video capabilities.

BRAVIA phones

  • Slider DVB-H phone
    Could be named B700. A slider phone with a widescreen LCD.
    This was just a prototype European DVB-H phone.

  • W900 re-release
    See above in Cyber-shot phones
  • BRAVIA Phone
    Large screen. TV on your mobile. This phone will probably be based on the W44S and it will be showcased at 3GSM in February.


  • Coming soon
    Eight UIQ phones will be available next year, including the three that we have this year (M600, W950, and P990). So this means that there are apparently five new UIQ phones yet to be announced. Two UIQ phones will be announced in Q1.
  • Non-Touchscreen phones
    We will see quite a few non-touchscreen UIQ phones next year.
  • Lizzy
    The successor of the M600. M600 with facelift and Wi-Fi. Will come in silver and is more edgy than M600 in design.It will be made of plastic.
  • P990 without thumbboard
    A smaller version (2cm shorter) of the P990. Should have been announced a while ago, but is still yet to appear. Could have been cancelled.
  • Elena
    The successor of the M600/P990 (mistaken as P1000) with same form factor and keypad. 2.6 inch screen. Will have Wi-Fi and a 3.2 megapixel camera (no flash or lens cover). Will be similar to Maria, i.e. M600/W950. On the market by June 2007. Black metal case with red backlighting for its keypad, but no d-pad. Black stripes around screen. 1250mAh battery capacity. Frontal video call camera. Looks very similar to the Lizzy but in metal. Will be Cyber-shot branded.
  • UIQ 5MP Cybershot
    See above in Cyber-shot Phones
  • Maria
    See above in Walkman Phones
  • Handycam phone
    See above in Handycam Phones

Emotional Design phones

  • Coming soon
    One fashion phone will be announced in Q1.
  • Alva
    A low end clamshell called the Z310. Will have EDGE. VGA camera. MP3 ringtones and Bluetooth v2.0. 128x160 STN 65k screen. External monochrome display plus symbol display (like the Motorola W220).
    Announced on the 5th of December, 2006.
  • E510
    Emotional design. Mid range.
    Code name for Z310.

  • E530
    Another emotional design phone. Mid range.
    Code name for Z610

  • Slim phones
    Well the Ai is one of them, but there will be more from Sony Ericsson. This will definitely include 'a few' slim sliders.

Generic phones

  • J110
    Update to the J100 with a more vibrant screen.
    Announced on the 6th of February, 2007

  • J120
    Update to the J100 with a more vibrant screen and FM radio.
    Announced on the 6th of February, 2007

  • Multiple mid range phones
    A number of phones (maybe some mentioned here) to widen the breadth of the company's appeal to mass market. Confirmed by Eldar.
  • K510 variant
    K510 with a different form factor. Could be E510?
  • K550
    2 megapixel camera (fixed focus), memory expansion, 176x220 screen with 65K colours and 2G plus EDGE.
  • K620
    A blue upgrade to the K610. Will have 3.2 megapixel camera and 100MB of internal memory.
    Disproven due to contradictory model number in relation to the K650 which has lower specs.

  • Russian code named phone (not including Sofia or Elena)
    Good all rounder. Nothing groundbreaking. Solid and reliable.
  • Generic (silver) Ai
    A generic silver version of the Ai with no Walkman v2.0 media player. Said to be named K770, but numbering doesn't seem right for a 3G phone. K7xx series is for 2G phones, so the actual index could be something else, such as K650.
  • HSDPA phones
    An unknown number in development. Available Q2 2007. Ai is one of them.

Gaming phones

  • Gaming phone
    A 'gaming' phone that isn't just going to be a PSP phone. Not a standard gaming phone. Use of wireless game transfer. Dual graphics processors, stereo speakers and a high resolution screen, all on a body similar to the Sidekick 3. In addition it will also have a 'special' interface. 2x 8GB flash memory for storing games. Only in development stages.

Japanese Phones


  • MBR-100
    Is described as a "Bluetooth Music Receiver for streaming wireless stereo audio from a phone or other device to your own home stereo equipment".
    Announced on the 7th of January, 2007

  • HPM-75
    An upgrade to the HPM-70 with improved sound quality.
    Announced on the 6th of February, 2007

  • Walkman bluetooth watch
    Eldar hinted about a Walkman version of the Sony Ericsson bluetooth watch.
  • GPS bluetooth watch
    Eldar also stated that the size of the MWB-100 is because "it’s a reserve for the future release of a watch model armed with GPS-receiver". Nice.

And then comes the speculation and 'other' section. Just to make clear, some parts of this section are educated bits of speculation made from insider sources:


  • There will be a small announcement next week (as of the 4th of December). The Ai will not be part of this announcement.
    This was the announcement for the Z310 on the 5th of December, 2006.

  • There will be an announcement today (21st of December).
    Well that was a hoax.

  • There will be an announcement this year for the W200 and around 12 more phones.
    2006 is over and there is no announcement.

  • There will apparently be an announcement in '~25 days' as of the 11th of December. Melinda (W200), Ai (W880), Na (W770), Li (K770), K550, Serena (W610) and Sofia will be announced.
    This was a preview for the Ai (W880) and the announcement of the W200 and the MBR-100 on the 7th of January, 2007.

  • There will apparently be an announcement on the 6th of February. The Ai (W880) will probably be announced.
    This was the announcement for the J110, J120, K200, K220, K550, K550im, K810, W610, W880, W888, HPM-75, HBH-PV702, HBH-PV710, MRC-60, and the PC300.

  • There will apparently be an announcement on the 11th of February. This is probably going to be a "press review".
  • Phones will be announced at 3GSM (13th February to 16th) and CeBIT (15th March to 21st).
  • Two high end phones will be announced in Q1 along with other 'regular phones'.


  • E series for 'Emotional' Design phones.
  • One to three series will die. P series is definitely going and/or K series by mid 2007 and/or Z series. When the K series is retired, C may be the replacement. When the Z series is retired, E may be the replacement.
  • Pairs of phones still seems to be the strategy. K650/W650 etc. all seem to be similar spec and form factor wise.
  • Handycam phones may not exist. The Handycam series could just be rolled into the Cyber-shot series (imaging and video).
  • The time between announcement and release date for UIQ phones will be very little from now on.
  • We may see BRAVIA branded phone screens next year if Sony Ericsson Japan is a representation of next year for Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson normally does follow the trends/strategies of their Japanese branch and this could mean that we already know some specs of upcoming phones, i.e. SO903i and W880. The BRAVIA brand could be used for branding DVB-H for mobile TV to promote the quality of the screens being used, which will be high resolution and widescreen (240x432). The index B or D will be used for BRAVIA branded phones.
  • The mid to low range is again Sony Ericsson's main focus for 2007, but that does not mean that there will be a shortage of high end phones (i.e. Maria and Elena).
  • The index G will be used for gaming phones.

Upcoming features

  • More Sony Ericsson accessories to be compatible with new Fastport location. Maybe Cyber-shot and Walkman ones, eg. Walkman speakers that will work with the phone horizontally or BRAVIA 'TV' docks with speakers.
  • More Walkman phones, with capabilities to work with the bluetooth watch.
  • The placement of the Fastport on the side will be a common theme.
  • QVGA will be the standard video recording for higher mid range Sony Ericsson phones. That means K800 successor and higher. The fps is yet to confirmed. Worst case scenario is 15 fps. More to do with stability issues.
  • Once again, an upgraded platform; a new UI. Active standby is apparently one of the features. With active standby you can have applications or tasks on the standby screen. It will also add: more scalable vectors/icons and menu choices (themes), enhanced menu use, and automatic previewing of menu items i.e. hovering on camera for a while opens a camera preview etc. Example of UI. (more)
  • Sony Ericsson is working on mobiles that will conform to the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) which is an alliance between major corporations (such as Sony, Microsoft and Nokia) which will allow seamless integration between different devices, eg. watching videos from your computer on your TV.
    The method in which this could be applied to mobiles is through sharing of videos, i.e. one mobile can watch the video content of another mobile. And just as a side note, because all the major mobile companies are part of the DLNA, this will mean that they are also working on phones supporting DLNA, meaning that all mobiles will be able to interact seamlessly.
    Sony Ericsson will have products supporting DLNA out to market by mid 2007, meaning that there will probably be even more video/TV centric devices to come in the second half of 2007.
  • A new Walkman player (v3.0) is probably going to come out around late 2007. With the 3rd range of Walkman phones, dedicated DSP chips (digital signal processing chips) to increase the sound quality.
  • Sony Ericsson may use a dual card slot (microSD and M2) like its Japanese phones.
  • The M series will continue to have QWERTY keypads.
  • HSDPA will make its way into most mid-high range phones, and EDGE will become almost standard across the range.

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